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Situated at the Iceland Building in Colombo 03, the Blink Experience Centre showcases a variety of versatile and stylish timepieces from internationally renowned brands such as Casio, Puma, Esprit, Elle, Cross, and Sevenfriday, offering visitors to the centre a first-hand feel for Blink’s selection of high quality watches designed to offer affordable luxury to fit any budget.

“Sri Lanka is developing at an increasingly rapid pace, and with this development, we see young people become more discerning in their taste, but still demanding performance and durability out of their watches. Today, Blink maintains a portfolio of some of the most sought after watch brands in Sri Lanka. We are very optimistic that we will be able to carry our momentum into 2017, and substantially expand our distribution island-wide,” Muhammed Mansoor, Director of Blink said.

Included in Blink’s ample collection of watches are all time favourites such as the stylishly durable G-Shock Range, from the entry-level G-Shock Classic, to the brand’s Premium MTG watch, which is being showcased in Sri Lanka for the very first time.

The line-up also includes choice selections such as the G-Shock Gravity Master, G-Shock Gulf Master, and the tougher yet more beautiful, G-Shock MTG-S1000, the latter of which is comprised of a blend of metal and resin along a brass motif, incorporating special features such as Multiband-6, which enables the watch to automatically adjust time setting based on reception of six time calibration signals around the globe. Ideal for any jet setting user, the watch also features a dual dial world time two-city simultaneous display and auto hand position correction and is built with Triple G Resist capable of weathering shock, vibration and centrifugal force.